Syllabubs for previous issues

Our summer issue of Makarelle under the theme 'Tattoo' was published on July 16th, 2021. 

Friday 18/06/2021: 'Flowers' Lucy Weaver

So I'd always considered a tattoo but they are so permanent that I couldn't decide on something I'd always love... Until I had Lillia and then it seemed apt to somehow have one as a permanent reminder of how lucky we are to have her! After 3 years of infertility, we finally went through IVF, and despite a very poor response to the treatment and an approximately 7% chance of success, we were shocked when they told us it had worked! The eggs were taken out on April Fool's Day then put back in on Good Friday and she was due Christmas Day so has always liked significant dates!! Unfortunately, she had to be delivered early by emergency c-section at 37 weeks but once again, we thanked our lucky stars she arrived safely, albeit only just over 5lb! My husband has several tattoos so was happy for me to get one but I decided I wanted it somewhere it could remain hidden if I want so it's on my hip just above the bottom of a swimsuit!! I drew it as a sketch first, combining Lillia's names by using a lily, a rose, and some ivy. I then contacted some tattoo artists but most of them wanted to use their own design rather than mine. However, I finally found a lady at Happy Tatts in Alresford who was happy to use my original drawing. I've now had it four years and recently have been considering adding to it! My mum and sister have both been talking about getting one so we are currently in discussion regarding an image we would all like so we can have the same.

Tuesday 22/06/2021: 'Egypt'

Jennifer Roberts

I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt. I’ve done a course on it to improve my knowledge and I love the mythology and the religion that surrounds it.

I wanted to have something that represented that interest and I’ve had more added to it over the years.

Next month I’m having another one to complete the set on my back.

Friday 25/06/2021:

'Infinity Feather'

by Diane Errington

When I lost my husband a few years ago I was utterly devastated. He was the absolute love of my life and I felt lost without him.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that white feathers are the way people who have passed on remind their loved ones that they aren’t too far away, so I chose a design that incorporated a feather with the infinity symbol because I’ll never stop loving and missing him.

Tuesday 29/06/2021:


by Misha

It’s probably fair to say my childhood was a difficult one and the programme I found solace in was ‘Robin of Sherwood’ and in particular in the character of Michael Praed’s Robin. When I met him as an adult, he was so lovely and lived up to the ‘ideal’ my childhood self had created of him. When I met him, I got him to autograph my leg and decided to have a copy of his signature tattooed there. Although it’s an unusual thing to have tattooed, he was so important to me when I was growing up that it felt like the right thing to do.

Friday 02/07/2021:
by Anonymous

I grew up in a culture where things like tattoos, smoking and a career were exclusively for men, so my first tattoo was probably done as a form of rebellion. I was in my late teens, it was a spontaneous decision and I gave very little thought to the design, beyond that it reminded me of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The one on my shoulder began quite small and I’ve had it extended over the years to celebrate different achievements or moments of personal understanding in my life. It reminds me that I am rebellious, creative and non-compromising when it comes to morality. I’m now a self-confessed tattoo ‘snob’ – I don’t like tattoos that come from fashion trends

– for me, each one should be personalised art that reflects meaning to the person having it.

Tuesday 06/07/2021:

'Secret Omega'

by Sian

I had this done in memory of my maternal grandmother, who I adored. Freesias were her favourite flowers and I chose the symbol because when she died my life as I knew it, ended and also because it partially reflects the Libra symbol and she and I shared that star sign. However, even though I’m in my 40s, my parents don’t know I have a tattoo!

Friday 09/07/2021:


by Moyra McGlynn

I was born with spina bifida and had my spine repaired when I was four years old. I hated the scar it left me with and when I was younger, I was very self-conscious about it. In my fifties, I decided to have a tattoo over it and the tattoo artist had the idea of using the stitch marks to form eyelets. Up until having this done I would never have dreamed of having a tattoo but I’ve never regretted it.

Tuesday 13/07/2021: 'Fall So You Can Fly' Anonymous

This sits on my leg across the place where I broke it. I slipped on a wet floor at work and because of my size at the time, the damage was extensive. However, it made me realise that not only did I want to lose some weight, but also that several of the stones I needed to shed came in the person of my then husband. His behaviour during this difficult period of my life was utterly unacceptable and it made me realise that our relationship was not a healthy one. Several years later I am in a much happier place and this tattoo reminds me that I needed to hit rock bottom in order to find, however inadvertently, the right path for me. When life gets tough it reminds me that I am strong enough to cope.

Syllabub Spring 2021

The first online magazine issue of Makarelle (the main course) was served on 16th April 2021.
The theme was: "Coming Unravelled".

In the countdown towards the launch, we were asking you to help us find imagery for a new piece of writing not once but twice a week: poetry on Mondays and Short Stories on Thursdays.

Here are the winners:

22/03 - Kelsie Beveridge 'Untitled' poem - deadline for image entry 25/03, winner Rebecca Collett

25/03 - Adele Sullivan "Looking for Lilian" short story - deadline for image entry 29/03, winner Anne Hill 

29/03 - Louise Wilford "Spill" poem - deadline for image entry 01/04, winner Louise Wilford

01/04 - Ken Smith "After the Plague" short story - deadline for image entry 05/04, winner Ken Smith

05/04 - C.J. "Perspective" poem - deadline for image entry 08/04, winner Olivia Whitfield

08/04 - Michelle Gilmour "The Pane of Glass" short story - deadline image entry 12/04, winner Michelle Gilmour

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