Interview with Vera Cloe Zebrowska





Vera Cloe Zebrowska is Glasgow based photographer, specialising in Brand Photography.


She firmly believes that a personal branding photoshoot should be empowering, joyful, creative, relaxed, fun, collaborative – a celebration of you and your business.

As a Brand Photography Specialist, she works with her clients holistically to capture their story, to create exciting and vibrant images, to elevate their brand to an outstanding level. 

She travels a lot and loves creating landscape images of beautiful Scotland.

Vera has a background in Linguistics, a degree in Photography, and a wide array of photographic experience.

Her work was widely published in news and media in the UK and abroad.

Watch Vera Cloe in Action

Makarelle: Hi Vera Cloe, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for Makarelle. We have admired your beautiful photography for years – and our editor Dini even used one of your shots as her profile picture on Facebook and in Makarelle. When did you become interested in photography?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: Thank for so much. It was pleasure to work with her and create that for her. I think I was born with the camera. I always was fascinated by photography and eventually decided to do what I love professionally.

Makarelle: The summer issue of Makarelle will be on the theme of 'tattoo'. Do you have any tattoos yourself?

Vera Cloe Zebrowska: I do have tattoos and I find the whole process of body art fascinating. 

It would be awesome to do some Brand Photography for tattoo artists. 

I have worked with clients who were very proud of their art work and wanted to include it in their photographs. 

One session was entirely designed around a girl and her tattoo. Gorgeous. Very sensual. Unfortunately, I cannot showcase that work in public due to the privacy of the client so you need to take my word for it: it was extraordinary.

Makarelle: How did the Covid Pandemic affect your various business/art projects?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: It had a huge impact on all of us! My business was just picking up so it was really hard to suddenly stop. I still have managed to take few projects on board – mostly between the first and second lockdown. I feel for all artists around the world,  because for us it was really hard to sustain ourselves in this difficult and uncertain situation. At the same time, I believe that it saved me in many ways.

Makarelle: Do you feel that your creativity has helped you through the mental health challenges of this pandemic?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: Absolutely. I was doing some videos, taking the camera with me on every walk. Documenting empty streets, surreal Glasgow – I hope it was a once-in-a-lifetime situation. Keeping myself busy and taking photographs definitely helped!

Makarelle: Do you have any tips for others who would like to set up their own business?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: Clear vision and goals are very helpful. It may sound clichéd but if you don’t know where you going it slows down the whole process. I probably made 90% of all the possible mistakes you could make, and I strongly recommend listening to people who know better. Ask for help when you need it: in business and in life. be persistent but also gentle with yourself. Accept that is ok to not know everything. It saves you many headaches.

Makarelle: What kind of cameras do you use?

Vera Cloe Zebrowska: I do work with the Canon system. But I am familiar with Nikon and Sony as well. I may sound controversial here when I say that you can take great photos these days using your mobile. What makes all the difference is what do you do with your tool. And what aesthetics you bring to the table.

Makarelle: Is there a dream project you would love to be able to add to your portfolio?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: I would love to continue my degree project – a series of interviews and photographs based on Richard Avedon's quote: “On every face there is a story”,  to explore human emotion. I’m interested in emotions, the stories behind the expressions, everything that facial features can express, or which body language can be present. I implement that in my everyday work as well. I dream about all these photographs in huge format on display in a gallery, so you can walk around them while you listen to the interviews. Spectacular.

Makarelle: What is your creative process?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: My personal projects are slightly different and more freestyle than my work with customers. But both are based on preparation, research and planning. I usually “see” a photograph before it's taken. Those are the best.

There is a reason why I really like speaking to people first and listening to their stories. Very often this subtle energy is formed just at the beginning and all projects evolve around that. To me, it is always about capturing the passion and energy of someone.


Makarelle: Can you tell us about some milestones/proud moments/funny anecdotes in your journey as a photographer?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: There are a lot!


My first solo exhibition “Inner Harmony”(2019) was very important to me as it shows my artistic side. It was very personal and soul searching. I am very proud of it and I hope it wasn’t the last one. It was totally new experience and the whole process taught me a lot. 


I really enjoy seeing my customers smile and be proud when they see themselves in the photographs. That gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Every time when some of my photographs are used and I see them on websites, social media, newspapers, leaflets – that is very rewarding. Knowing that this helps people in so many ways.

Makarelle: What are your future goals?


Vera Cloe Zebrowska: I want to evolve as a person, creator, and business owner. I want to keep delivering high-quality work and hopefully give back something to the community. It is important to me.

Last year I helped to create the "Healed Scars Empowering Calendar". This was a charity project designed to raise about the damages and challenges caused by trauma and abuse. The charity empowers female survivors to rebuild their lives.

That thought me a lot and gave me a huge sense of purpose. We all need hope for a brighter future - especially after all that recently happened to the world.

Makarelle: Thank you very much for your time, Vera Cloe. We look forward to seeing many more of your projects in the future!

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