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At Makarelle we pride ourselves on giving a voice to new and emerging artistic talent. We decided we wanted to extend this platform to small local businesses that are working in the creative arts arena. As part of this initiative, we will be interviewing the owners of these businesses to enable them to reach a wider audience in their local area.


Click on the links below to read each interview. 

R.E. Loten: The Pink Parrot Pottery Interview (09/04/2021)

Morag Kewell: polymer clay artist and occasional illustrator/comic book creator (28/04/2021)

Christopher Fielden: award-winning Amazon-bestselling author and editor (03/05/2021).

Martin Doyle: drummer and co-founder of the Taiko drumming group Tsuchigumo Daiko (07/05/2021)

Kay Aston: tattoo artist with Vivid Ink in Birmingham (14/05/2021).

Vera Cloe Zebrowska: photographer from Glasgow, specialising in brand photography (20/05/2021)

Helena Nwaokolo: novelist and poet (17/06/2021)