Makarelle - Spring 2021 "Coming Unravelled"

Table of contents

1              Cover Illustration by Irene Reddish: “The Battle of York 2021”

3              “Welcome to the first-ever issue of Makarelle!”

6              Coming Unravelled

7              R.E. Loten: “Writing Is My Lifeline”

9              Featured Visual Art. Anne Hill: “Painting in Egg Tempera I”

10              Featured Short Story – Fiction. Toby Goodwin: “Breath on the Glass”

14           Featured Poetry. Gerry Stewart: “Rampjaar – Disaster Year”

15           Fitzblocksberg Illustrations: “Battlemask”

16           Featured Short Story – CNF. Dave Clancy: “Lockdown – a meditation”

20           Billie Ingram Sofokleous: “Untitled”

21           Beth McDonough: “The End of the World” and “Intersection”

22           Experimental NF. Caoimhe O’Flynn: “Unravelling”

25           Louise Wilford: “Watching from my bedroom window”

26           R.E. Loten: “Lockdown Love Affair”

27           Rukhsana C: “Subliminal”

28           Louise Wilford: “Sheffield, May 2020”

29           Jane Langan: “South Pacific”

30           Benjamin Lisle: “Coming Unravelled”

32           Alastair Simmons: “Blossom Thief”

33           Ron Hardwick: “Beasley Faces his Bêtes Noires”

36           Beck Collett: “Those Who Can”

37           Rosie Elwood: “Sometimes”

37           Jane Langan: “Sorted”

39           Dini Armstrong: “Consumed with Love”

42           Clair Tierney: “Here Now Nowhere”

43           Alan Thoburn: “Heroic Horse”

44           Nadxielli Urquiza-Haas: “Adrift”

46           Sue Davnall: “Coming Unravelled”

48           Helena Nwaokolo: “Back To The Beginning”

48           Fitzblocksberg Illustrations: “Love”

49           Sally Kidd: “Going Loco down Westward Ho!”

53           Alan Thoburn: “Three Dogs”

54           R.E. Loten: “Who Parents The Parents?”

56           Lily Lawson: “Lockdown Wool”

57           Suzanne L. Burn: “Swarm”

58           Anne Hill: “Paintings in egg tempera II”

59           D.H.L. Hewa: “Between Two Worlds”

63           DS: “Saved Marriage”

65           Colin Johnson: “Single Vision”

68           Anne Hill: “Paintings in egg tempera III”

69           Artist Bios

71           Meet the Editors

72           “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

Welcome to our first-ever edition of the new online literary and creative arts magazine

 on the theme of
'Coming Unravelled'.


A lot of hard work has gone into this publication, which is entirely run by volunteers, so please tell all your friends and share it as much as you can on social media. We’ve got some amazing work for you and we’d love for as many people as possible to see it.


We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Ruth, Jane and Dini

The Editors, and, according to Companies House, three "persons with significant control"  ;-))