Makarelle - Summer 2021 "Tattoo"

Table of contents

1              Cover Image by Jenny Lundstrom: “Jenny”
3              Welcome

6              Editorial by Jane Langan
9              Featured Visual Art. Anneke: "Hand of the Bibliomant"

10            Featured Short Story – Fiction. Sue Davnall: “The Bluebird”

13            Featured Poetry. Jeff Gallagher: “Tattoo”

14            Featured Short Story – CNF. Mina Ma: “Symbolism”

17            Yuu Ikeda: “On Me”

18            Dovydas Jakstaitis: “The Brush and the Needle”

20            Olivia Whitfield: “The Tattooed Child”

21            Yuu Ikeda: “My Ugliness”

22            Henry Loten: “The Drum of Passchendaele”

23            L.C. Groves: “The Yellow Lily”

27            Rukhsana C: “Looking Glass”

28            Suzanne Burn: “Trust”

29            Wendy Toole: “Early Evening”

30            Emma May: “Rob and Orran”

31            Sam Southam: “Strawberry”

32            Ken Smith: “Phobia”

33            Helena Nwaokolo: “The Tattie Tattoo Bird of the Nile”

34            linda m. crate: “through all my phases"
34            linda m. crate: "maybe think of me"
35            Beck Collett: “Happy Birthday”

36            Elizabeth Eastwood: “The Edinburgh Tattoo”

38            Jane Langan: “Red Pepper on Drum Skin”

39            Edward Alport: “The End of Drought”
39            Edward Alport: "A Demon, Come Among Us"

40            Beck Collett: “The Ballad of Dove and Nate”

42            kerry rawlinson: “Tattooed Tower - Toronto”

43            R.E. Loten with research by H.D.W. Loten: “Archie's Bolero”

46            Finja Tineke: “Unbenanntes Projekt”

47            Dini Armstrong: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Skin”

50            Sharon Pilkington: “Stories”

51            Jane Langan: “The Butcher's Tattoo”

55            Jayant Kashyap: “Wilding”

56            kerry rawlinson: “Table Tats”

56            Lily Lawson: “Unique”

57            Toby Goodwin: “Mongoose. (Fifteen Points)”

61            Amit Parmessur: “Tit for Tattoo”

62            Ron Hardwick: "The Incriminating Tattoo"

67            Karen Honnor: "Invisible"
68            D.H.L. Hewa: "Lucky, Lucky Me"
72            Jane Langan: "The Ballad of Blackthorn"
73            Louise Wilford: "Tattoo"
80            Biographies
82            Meet the Editors

83           “Friends, goodnight.”

Welcome to our first-ever edition of the new online literary and creative arts magazine

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Ruth, Jane and Dini

The Editors, and, according to Companies House, three "persons with significant control"  ;-))