Toby Goodwin


is a writer and musician based in Glasgow who has recently graduated with distinction from his Master's Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. Toby likes to write about the things that he sees around him, from the delightfully ordinary to the painfully extraordinary. His work aims to encapsulate what it is to live in this time and place in amusing and thought-provoking ways. When Toby's not hammering at his keyboard, you may also find him slapping a bass guitar in Glasgow's many music venues and clubs. You can keep up to date with his comings and goings on his website at

Toby's work in Makarelle:

Makarelle Spring 21:
ShortStory Fiction:

Breath on the Glass


Makarelle Summer 21:

ShortStory Fiction:

Mongoose (Fifteen Points)

Makarelle Winter 22:

ShortStory Fiction (Featured!):