Ron Hardwick


has been writing short fiction for a very long time.  He has been married for 48 years and has one son and a grandson.  He lives in Haddington, in the east of Scotland, and has recently published five volumes of his short stories on Amazon Kindle. In addition to Makarelle, he has written and has had published short fiction for the likes of Write Time and Secret Attic. Ron has Master's degrees in both Literature and Creative Writing from the University that Never Sleeps. 

Ron's work in Makarelle:

Makarelle Spring 21:
ShortStory Fiction:
Beasley Faces his Bêtes Noires

Makarelle Summer 21:

Short Story Fiction: The Incriminating Tattoo

Makarelle Autumn 21:
Short Story Fiction:

The Strange Incident at Honeyman Cottage

Makarelle Winter 21/22:

Short Story Fiction: Discovering Kaela

Makarelle Spring 22:

Short Story Fiction: Prisoner 5-2 (Featured Short Story!)

Makarelle Summer 22:
Short Story Fiction:
The Private Eye