Louise Wilford


Louise Wilford lives and works in Yorkshire, UK. Her work has been widely published, most recently in805, Bandit, English Review, Failbetter, Goats’ Milk, Jaden, Last Leaves, Makarelle, New Verse News, Parakeet, Pine Cone Review, Punk Noir, River and South, Silver Blade,and The Fieldstone Review. In 2020, she won First Prize in the Arts Quarterly Short Story Competition and the Merefest Poetry Competition, and was awarded a Masters in Creative Writing (Distinction). She is working on a fantasy novel.



Louise's work in Makarelle:

Makarelle Spring 21:
Watching from my Bedroom Window and Sheffield, May 2020

Makarelle Summer 21:

Short Story Fiction: Tattoo

Makarelle Autumn 21:
Short Story Fiction:

Pumpkin (incl illustration)

Poem: Banshee

Makarelle Winter 21/22:

Visual Art: Chess Pieces

Makarelle Spring 22:

Short Story: L&Mark

Poetry: No Seeds Were Lost and Quake

Makarelle Summer 22:
Short Story Fiction:
Crimes and Misdemeanours