Ken Smith


is a writer of musings, miniatures and memoirs, drawing on his occasional travels, what he overhears in cafes and sees from his study window, as well as from his work as a developmental coach. He has not walked unaided to the South Pole, visited base camp on Everest, climbed to the top of a corporate ladder nor competed at the highest level in athletics and doggedly refuses to feel inadequate when confronted with inspirational speakers. He lives in Colchester where he is currently immersing himself in the fascinations of Weimar cinema

He is a Writers' Forum prize winner and contributed to the Patrician Press "My Europe" anthology and to the Arts Council "Essex Belongs to Us" project.

Ken's work in Makarelle:

Makarelle Summer 21Poetry: Phobia

Makarelle Autumn 21: Short Story Fiction: The Linear Family

Makarelle Winter 21/22: Short Story Fiction: An Angel In Time

Makarelle Spring 22: CNF: Sacred Spaces

Makarelle Summer 22:
Short Story Fiction: Another Lunchtime In The Art Room