Helena Nwaokolo


Having recently published her first novel, Helena has now begun research for her next. Meanwhile she

has enjoyed writing some short stories and a few more poems.

Helena lives on the Essex coast in a small town with a strong creative vibe running through it. As a

(quite) mature student, she gained an MA in Creative Writing some years ago and recently became re-

motivated through a short online course run by the National Centre for Writing in Norwich.

Helena's work in Makarelle:

Makarelle Spring 21:
Back to the Beginning

Makarelle Summer 21:
Short Story Fiction:
The Tattie Tattoo Bird of the Nile

Interview with Helena Nwaokolo,
novelist and poet (17/06/2021)

Makarelle Winter 22:

Short Story Fiction: The Second Day

Makarelle Summer 22:
Poem: 7 Reasons