Anne Hill


completed her Fine Art degree at Wrexham Glyndwr University in Summer 2020, having said she wanted to be an artist when a child, but then not really engaging again until she retired. She works in a number of mediums and finds some subjects respond better to one than another, letting the subject determine the choice of best how to execute the painting.  
Anne comments on her work in Makarelle 'Twisted Tales': "These paintings all reflect the theme ‘twisted’, with the forms flowing in, out and around. Capturing the flow and the way shapes move through the light is something I find rewarding." 

Anne's work in Makarelle:

Makarelle Spring 21:
Visual Art: 

Paintings in Egg Tempera I-III

Makarelle Autumn 21:
Visual Art: 

Twisting Shapes I-II 'Abstraction' and 'Alec's heterotopic dream-helmet'

Makarelle Winter 22:

Visual Art:

'Yoga With Matcha Tea', 'My Boys' and'A Portrait of My Husband'