Volume 01 Spring 2021

Coming Unravelled

Welcome to the first-ever edition of Makarelle - an online literary magazine that brings professional writers together with those who like to dabble and those who would like to become more serious about their literary endeavours.

Makarelle is intended to be the platform for new talent -

be it in fiction, non-fiction, poetry or visual art.

We welcome submissions on the theme Coming Unravelled - any stories, poems, drawings, photos, etc on the subject of being a fallible human - in lockdown and beyond. We are not encouraging you to admit to any legal infringements (so no boasting about having parties in lockdown, please). We are, however, hoping to lift each other with admissions of human weaknesses, such as hiding in a cupboard with a glass of wine to get away from the kids for ten minutes, drunk texting an ex, struggling with mental health. You can be as funny, black-humoured or angry as you like. Swearwords are not an issue.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The Deadline is February 28th.

The Editors -

Dini, Lydia, Wendy, Ruth and Jane